Numerous instances of clients being deceived by their web developers have been observed. This generally results in the consumer losing a significant amount of money, or worse, he or she may lose the entire website and all of the vital information included therein. This could occur to you for a number of different reasons, not all of which are fueled by evil. 

You might assume that those who fall for these web developers’ tricks are uneducated or ignorant and that you wouldn’t fall for their tricks so readily. Sadly, a lot of individuals who share your viewpoints do fall for scammers, and later, they often question what they could have done to prevent it. In light of this, the following are some hacks for you to find the right developer.

Learn some basics

Don’t let someone take advantage of you by executing bogus work on your website. Many “web developers” like to mislead their present or former clients that their online assets are in dire danger and that they need to be fixed or restructured in order to earn more money, even though this is completely untrue.

Without understanding the foundations of web building, you will never be able to determine if this is true or not. Usually, all you need to know to determine whether something is real or not is this fundamental information. If not, you should get a second opinion or look up more information online.

Do not fall for the aesthetics

Many inexperienced web developers advertise themselves as the full package even if they are more web designers than developers. When someone builds a website, everything appears to be absolutely stunning, but after you start using the site or attempt to observe how visitors interact with it, you discover that it is extremely slow, that some pages won’t open on specific devices, etc.

When creating a website, the trick is to focus on functionality rather than purely aesthetics. Make sure you don’t pay the entire amount before checking how your website functions. Even if it looks fantastic, people won’t use it if they can’t use it normally, therefore this won’t help you at all!

Ask For A CMS

Any modern website must have a content management system (CMS). However, there are those “amateur developers” I mentioned earlier who, once they’ve finished the task, won’t install a CMS on your website. Even if you have no real coding experience, you can access all of the pages on your website and quickly add new content or edit texts.

You will be able to manage your website in this way in the future. Some website designers will purposefully neglect to install a CMS, forcing you to call them every time you need something done on your website. They’ll use this as an opportunity to upsell you. 

With these basic ideas, you can save on a whole lot of money and understand what really needs to be spent on. In case you do not have the required expertise or time to acquire the required knowledge before hiring a developer, get in touch with us and develop what you really need!

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