What is a bad website?

Bad websites lose more than just customers; they lose reputation with a spiral effect. Strategy and planning are instrumental to a successful website. But how do you plan once without the know-how of the ones that fail. 

Here’s what goes wrong:

There’s Too Much Going On

There has to be a direction to your website. Answer some questions for yourself: What are you seeking? Who is the target audience?
Narrow down the purpose of your website and add elements accordingly. Broken links, pages, and images are a result of trying to do too much on a website without a consolidated goal. 

It Has Never-Ending Pop-Ups

Your audience hates pop-ups, especially those that don’t serve a specific purpose like discounts. Websites that show popups one after the other, end up losing their audience’s interest. Prioritize on what needs to be pushed towards users and simultaneously would add value. 

It’s Not Capturing Data

Is your website storing the required data for you? To run analysis on how users interact with your platform, this is instrumental. 

Catching data shall help you determine who your target audience is and how to engage with them.

The Design Is Unattractive or Outdated

The clear message can only be given out if text usage is minimized and design is kept intuitive. Text overload is hated by users; the World is now moving towards content optimization – Less is more!

Remember to optimize for mobile, because this is where users are mostly interacting with your site. Navigation must be easy and call to action buttons, simple. Most websites fail because their navigation is a nightmare!

If you’re planning your website, don’t forget to keep the above mentioned points in mind. In case you need some professional help, feel free to get in touch with us at: